This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about TinyCsvParser.

  • How do I access the Line Number?
    • The Line Number is accessible through the property CsvMappingResult.RowIndex.
  • Why is my CSV data split into wrong columns?
    • By default the CSV data is split at the column delimiter given in the CsvParserOptions. If the column delimiter is also present in the column data, then a simple split will lead to wrong column data.

      In this situation you need to use a custom Tokenizer, please see the section on Tokenizers for a detailed introduction.

  • How can I parse CSV data coming in a custom format?
    • All built-in converters support format strings and other advanced formatting options. Please see the detailed guide on Type Converter and have a look at the tutorial on Parsing Custom Formats.
  • Can I contribute to the project?
    • Yes! You can help out with code, documentation, bug reports, bug fixes, … Please see the section on Contributing.